Types of questions on CRT/ written RRT exam and how to prepare for them

There are three types of exam questions on the tmc, recall, application and analysis.

Recall are the easiest and are definition based. For example a recall question might be:

What device can provide the most precise fio2?

  1. A nasal cannula
  2. A venturi mask
  3. An oxymask
  4. A non rebreather

An application question might be:

  • You are working in the emergency room and a patient that has a history of COPD comes in for SOB and hypoxia. The doctor wants you to start oxygen at 35%. What device would you use? A nasal cannula
    1. A venturi mask
    2. An oxymask
    3. A non rebreather

An example of anaylsis question could be:

You are working in the emergency room and a patient that has a history of COPD comes in they have the following vital signs HR 119, RR 42, BP 178/86. They are using their accessory muscles to breathe and are lethargic. ABGs are done on the patient while they have a 6lpm simple mask on, the results are pH 7.28, pCO2 78, Bicarb 23, Po2 and 58. The doctor says to use what you want to treat the patient but that he wants to start with a fio2 of 60%. Which would you start on the patient?

  1. An oxymask at 12 lpm
  2. A venturi mask at 60%
  3. Mechanical ventilation with an fio2 of 60%
  4. Non invasive ventilation with 60% fio2

In the above example we first ask is the patient ventilating? Based off their abg result of uncompensated respiratory acidosis they aren’t ventilating so we have to adjust ventilation. There are two choices that address ventilation and can deliver a precise fiO2, bipap and mechanical ventilation. Mechanical ventilation is probably unnecessary for this patient so non invasive ventilation (bipap) with a fio2 of 60% is the correct answer.

As you see you need to know what the normal values are and how to treat abnormalities. You also need to know what equipment does and in what situation to use it in and how to troubleshoot it.