What to expect during the therapist multiple choice (TMC)exam

You are given 3 hours to complete`160 questions during the tmc. If you require accommodations you can fill out this form and submit it.

When you check in they will give you a pencil and a small piece of scratch paper. When you get to your computer I suggest writing down anything you are struggling with, from concepts to equations. Writing the information down will allow you to start the exam with out worrying about those items. You can always erase the stuff you wrote down if you need the space later. During the exam you can’t wear a watch or bring a calculator. On the computer there is an optional time remaining button and a calculator. Previously there wasn’t a calculator available, this started January 2020. This is a great change, now you don’t have to worry about your poor math skills or making a mathematical error.

Answering the questions

Of the 160 questions only 140 are scored. The other 20 questions are potential future questions. Since 20 aren’t even scored don’t be discouraged if you don’t know the answer to a question, just move onto the next question. Remain confident and continue the exam. At the end you can go back to questions you skipped and any question you bookmarked. Usually by the end you will know the answer. If you still don’t know the answer don’t panic. Go through and eliminate the answers you know are wrong then guess. By eliminating the answers you know are wrong you have a higher probability of guessing the answer right. Don’t spend too much time or energy on a question. If you aren’t able to eliminate any of the answers just guess and move on.

There might be two possible correct answers, you need to select the answer most correct answer. For example a question might require you to increase ventilation. Things that adjust ventilation are tv and RR. We know the first thing you adjust is tv so that would the answer you would select.

You are allowed to get up and stretch or use the bathroom but your test timer doesn’t stop. I suggest arriving early to make sure you can use the restroom before your test time.

After you complete the exam

When you are done you turn in your scratch paper and get your results. Make sure you get the results that belong to you. When I took my RRT sims I got a sheet that said I failed (by a lot). I was confused I thought I had done well and didn’t know how to improve. I went to my car to see what areas I did bad in I saw that it was actually a nursing exam report. The person before me never bothered to pick up their results.

If you failed don’t worry you can take it again. Use the results to see what areas you need to improve on. Study and take it again. I recommend waiting a month. A month gives you time to regroup and study.

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