TMC Style Question And Apgar Scores Explanation Example 1

You are called to a delivery because there is suspected meconium.  You arrive approximately 2 minutes after the baby was born, the neonatal nurse says that the Apgar score was 9 at one minute of age, you examine the baby and agree with her assessment.  What would you do?

  1. Warm and stimulate the baby
  2. Monitor the baby
  3. Apply blow by oxygen
  4. Start resuscitation efforts

First we need to know what the range of apgar scores are and how we care for the infant in each range, see below.

Apgar of 7-10, monitor patient
Apgar of 4-6 Dry and stimulate, provide oxygen with a bag and mask,CPAP
Apgar of 0-3 Provide resuscitation efforts

The infant has an apgar of 9 so we would monitor the patient.

Just a reminder you need to know normal values and how to treat abnormal values for all conditions and diseases. Knowing the normal values aren’t enough. This was an example of an application style question, the most common type of question on the exam. For more information on the type of questions on the types of questions and how to study for here are my tips.

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