RRT Style Question And Apgar Scores Explanation Example 2

You at the delivery of a term infant delivery the mother has no risk factors.  At one minute of age the baby has a hr of 35, irregular rr effort, is limp ,has no reflexes and has a pale blue body. What would you recommend?

  1. Warm and stimulate the baby
  2. Monitor the baby to see if it improves on it’s own
  3. Apply blow by oxygen
  4. Start resuscitative efforts

For this question we need to know how to score an apgar and how to treat each apgar score.

Apgar scores are done at 1 and 5 minutes of birth.  A number is given to the newborn’s condition, all the values are added up.and the number provides evaluation of the infant and provides a guide for interventions.

HRAbsent<100 bpm>100 bpm
Respiratory AbsentSlow, irregularCrying
Muscle toneLimpSlight flexion ofextremitiesWell flexed
ReflexNo responseGrimaceCry, cough or sneeze
ColorPale blue colorCentral cyanosisBody pink but, extremities are blue acrocyanosispink
  • Apgar of 7-10, monitor patient
  • Apgar of  4-6 Dry and stimulate, provide oxygen with a bag and mask,CPAP
  • Apgar of 0-3 Provide resuscitation efforts

When do the apgar score it is 2, one point is for a hr less than 100 and one point for irregular respiratory effort. All rest of the categories score 0. With a an apgar of 2 we need to begin resuscitation efforts.

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