TMC Style Question and Explanation Example 2

A 27 year old hospitalized male with pneumonia has the following laboratory results, the results were obtained when the patient was on 1lpm NC

  • pH7.36 RBC 6.5 mil/mm3
  • paCO2  45Hb
  • paO2 59
  • Sao2 88
  • HCO3-  23
  • Hb 15
  • Hct 47
  • WBC 2500/mm3
  • Temp 39C
  • Bp 128/ 78

What should the respiratory therapist recommend?

  1. Administer antibiotics
  2. Initiate non invasive positive pressure therapy
  3. Initiate pep/ flutter
  4. Increase nc to 4lpm

First think we do is analyze the information and ask the following questions in the following order

  1. Is the patient ventilating? Yes the abg reveals a normal pH and Co2
  2. Is the patient oxygenating? No paO2 is 59 (normal is80-100) Hypoxia must be addressed immediately.
  3. Is the patient circulating and perfusing? Yes
  4. Treating the underlying issue

The correct answer is to increase the NC to 4lpm. Starting antibiotics is also right but oxygenation is an emergency and must be treated before we move on to treating the underlying issue of pneumonia with antibiotics and flutter. If the patient’s oxygenation had been normal we would check the patient’s perfusion and move onto the underlying issue since they are circulating and perfusing.

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